Princes of the Apocalypse

Day 4-5
To face the evil necromancer!


Our adventures arrive back at Red Larch to regather supplies and think about there next move. What happened in Red Larch?

  • FIzzlebottem uses the parts from the clock he “fixed:” form the priest and built a clockwork frog which sold to some kids. Made a bit of coin. Gets the wagon stored at the Allfaiths shrine.
  • Taoj contemplated life a bit and decided to seek internal enlightenment on there next goal
  • Zora continued to make her self known as a sell sword and seek further business and picks up her shiny new axe.

Eventually our adventures returned to the swinging sword after discussing with a worker at the stone mill and discussed with the bar tender once again about this “evil necromancer” …

After much discussion and debate the team decide to venture after the evil necromancer and what ever nasty idea he has with the stone masks. However our small friend Fizzle-bottom finds profitable work for Zora by meeting a chocolate merchant in the inn. Potential employment to have the party thinks ..

The party picks up there boots and once again head north east into the Slumber Hills. After walking for nearly 5 hours the party finds a skull and a black arrow which reads a following passage " The last Laugh, You’ll be next!! Valklondar."

Both Fizzlebottom and Zora inspect the arrow and the skull nothing happened and they continued on their way.

Eventually the party found the entrance and walked in.

Of course there were zombies. Zombies which the party found out refused to die. Axe, fist, staff little appeared to be working until Fizzlebottom brought up his A game and burnt some guys with his righteous fire!

After dispatching another group of zombies the party found themselves in a room with… a rather bunch of interesting characters? 3 zombies in jester costumes, ladies dress and a bear suit. Taoj hated bears and dispatched him with ease as the rest of the crew continued to bash them in. Zora flew into a rage and Fizzle continued to burn shit.

But from down the hallway… A scream could be heard….


the sound of swords and spears accompanied the scream…. the party prepared for what was to come………..

But perhaps… there was someone else … also… waiting for them……

Zora's Log
Early days

Missed out on another sell-sword commission. My contact told me they hired a human to protect their caravan because “you get more barbarian for the same price”. Jerk. Decided to cut my losses, not his face, and headed to Red Larch. Figured I might as well start handing out some calling cards to drum up business but ended up handing out my favourite handaxe to a bear’s face. And did the cleric or monk even offer to chip in for a replacement after I saved their lives? No. I suppose it’s true that folks who put their trust in gods and spells do not appreciate the value of good steel.

They are not like any kind of holy folk I have ever seen before. I am not sure who, or what, their gods are but they had no problem killing bandits, scavenging for parts, looting corpses and desecrating the tomb of a good family so perhaps they ascribe to the maxim that the gods help those who help themselves?


Curious the wind that has led me to this small town. I walk a world that seems to live in a perfect balance of chaos. Creatures struggle for peace and stability but the fires of the world won’t let that be. I live in my own personal tempest. My teachings have learned me to seek balance but my soul cries out to enrage the fires that burn.

But this small town…

Whispers, I hear whispers on the wind and I see the truth in the fires. I have part to play in this town for what I seek holds close these lands. I fear that even with my ways and means that I cannot accomplish this alone. It would seem that help found me. I small being of stature but quite friendly it would seem. His intentions are unclear at this time. A stranger willing to help one such as I is uncommon, though welcome. He seems to have taken himself to changing the colour of my hair and flames whenever the moment strikes him. Bernoulli, funny little sort.

Even with the cleric by my side the many paths that lay ahead of me with their bandits and many perils my inner fire speaks to me and tells me that with just the two of us we would surely perish. I therefore took it upon myself to find a like minded individual. She was a barbarian and her stubbornness certainly up holds to my understanding of their ways. even though our paths did align (at least for the time being) she was quite reluctant to join Berni and myself on our mission. Seeking compensation for accompaniment. I guess being a sell sword does lend to these things. Eventually reason hotter heads prevailed and our two was now three. Or at least for the moment.

If anything the past few days have taught me that I do not hold as true to my orders teachings and that spending my time abroad has re kindled the passion in my flames.

Maybe soon I will find purpose. For now I am but a flame flickering in the night.

Bernoulli Day 1-3

This revisionist anti-gnome history is quite appalling, really. I was mauled by the bear as it descended upon me?? More like that crazy barbarian lady FED me to it! And without me frantically healing my good buddy Fickle Flames (or what ever his name is), we would have ALL been Ursidae food!!

Does no one remember that I talked our way out of what would have certainly been a very messy bar fight, or that I smooth-talked an evil spectre into letting us “help” him guard the very tomb he was supposed to be looking after? Guys, I SMOOTH-TALKED A SPECTRE. And, it was NOT my fault that the ogre and goblin found us, how could I see the trap when I’m too busy trying to dodge Fire Fanny’s (or what ever his name is) boot?

And finally, what kind of adventuring group have I been mixed up in? Let me get this straight: we find an evil tomb, get access (non-violently) to the burial chamber, fend off an angry ogre and a goblin— and then once all that is done we leave without even looking in the freaking coffin for treasure?

If I were my good friend Blazing Breath (or what ever his name is) I would be burning a bright pinkish-orange (that’s the color of extreme annoyance).

Day 1-3

Our adventure begins in Red Larch… A simple farmer village in the south of the Dessian Valley. None of the adventures have been there and none are aware of each other.

The group quickly discovers that Red Larch has been having a few troubles of late. Bandits, a haunted tomb, some talk of a necromancer and even the people are mumbling something about stone masks. For some reason or another the group finally seeks out there first mission and sets out to catch these nasty bandits.

Just a mile south of Red Larch they come across a small camp after spotting a bunch of corpses on the main road. 4 bandits and a caged bear sit by the fire. Taoj thinks its a great idea to sneak in while Zora storms down the hill yelling and screaming with Fizzlebottom in frustration behind her!

Taoj has a crack at the first Bandit and breaks his jaw only to realize that a scimitar hurts a bit when the Bandit strikes back.

Zora screams and two Bandits drop there shit and sprint away. Fizzlebottom casts a heal on Taoj only to be mauled by the bear as it descends on him.

Zora and Taoj quickly finish off the bandits and the bear ceases to be interested in Fizzlebottom and charges at Zora who casually throws a handaxe at it and tells it to piss off. Which it does so.

Fizzlebottom continues to bleed..

Fizzlebottom is healed and Zora mends a bandit after interrogating him and releases him.

After recovering, the group finds a catch of equipment and gold and then proceeds to bring it back to town.

After some … discussion the party heads to the haunted tomb. A steal door stands in there way, Fizzlebottom clearly didn’t see the trap and alerted an ogre and his goblin mate from across the hill, clearly the group did not know there misfortune.

They enter the tomb only to find a ghostly figure guard there way to the loot. Some discussion was had with Sir Arun in regards to his guarding role of a dead master as Fizzlebottom clearly pointed out and suggested that they helped him guard the …corpse?? Sir Arun was getting very frustrated and almost attacked them when the goblin and the ogre walked into the tomb.

Sir Arun joins the fight against the new intruders only to realize that a big piece of wood actually can kill him. He dies ending his contract.

Fizzlebottom gets his burning spell all wrong and eventually gives up and banes the two guys. Zora throws a few javelins but just uses the axe once again. Taoj jumps on the table kicks a few people in the head and ends the sorry life of the ogre. No one cares about the goblin.

The group wins and finally they get the loot in the chest with some sneaky moves with the floating sword.

Back to town they go….. but something….seems…..strange… in the town of Larch.


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