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Characters of Red Larch

- Constable and butcher of Red Larch. Guard commander and Judge.

- The priest of Tempus in the Allfaith shrine
- Pleasant fellow, far to generous and appears to be very gullible.

- Proprietor of the Swinging Sword Inn
- Big boobs, long blonde hair
- Fizzle already tired to get it on with her, failed…
- Very lawful and loves the kind that get out and do what needs to be done
- Has a slurring problem
- Appears to really hate Mellikho… like really hates her

Mother Yalantha
- Owner of the boarding house, lives with her daughter

- A chocolate merchant attending the local markets from Waterdeep
- Has a squinting eye problem, talks like a old school English man, very trustworthy but occasionally goes into a rage about nothing really… just dont piss him off.
- Appears to have a contract with both Fizzle and Zora regarding an escort to Westbridge on the eight day

- All you currently know is that he is a necromancer who likes strange …. shit

Places of interest

Red Larch*
- The start of the adventure

- Currently knows its in the north
- Nothing else known yet

- Not know much but it is in the north east

Bargewright inn
- South East next to the Dessarin River
- Could sell some pictures there
Summit Hall*
- A group of knights of Tyr have taken post there
- Imdarr appears to think that they would like 5 of Fizzles paintings

Main Page

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