Princes of the Apocalypse

Day 4-5

To face the evil necromancer!


Our adventures arrive back at Red Larch to regather supplies and think about there next move. What happened in Red Larch?

  • FIzzlebottem uses the parts from the clock he “fixed:” form the priest and built a clockwork frog which sold to some kids. Made a bit of coin. Gets the wagon stored at the Allfaiths shrine.
  • Taoj contemplated life a bit and decided to seek internal enlightenment on there next goal
  • Zora continued to make her self known as a sell sword and seek further business and picks up her shiny new axe.

Eventually our adventures returned to the swinging sword after discussing with a worker at the stone mill and discussed with the bar tender once again about this “evil necromancer” …

After much discussion and debate the team decide to venture after the evil necromancer and what ever nasty idea he has with the stone masks. However our small friend Fizzle-bottom finds profitable work for Zora by meeting a chocolate merchant in the inn. Potential employment to have the party thinks ..

The party picks up there boots and once again head north east into the Slumber Hills. After walking for nearly 5 hours the party finds a skull and a black arrow which reads a following passage " The last Laugh, You’ll be next!! Valklondar."

Both Fizzlebottom and Zora inspect the arrow and the skull nothing happened and they continued on their way.

Eventually the party found the entrance and walked in.

Of course there were zombies. Zombies which the party found out refused to die. Axe, fist, staff little appeared to be working until Fizzlebottom brought up his A game and burnt some guys with his righteous fire!

After dispatching another group of zombies the party found themselves in a room with… a rather bunch of interesting characters? 3 zombies in jester costumes, ladies dress and a bear suit. Taoj hated bears and dispatched him with ease as the rest of the crew continued to bash them in. Zora flew into a rage and Fizzle continued to burn shit.

But from down the hallway… A scream could be heard….


the sound of swords and spears accompanied the scream…. the party prepared for what was to come………..

But perhaps… there was someone else … also… waiting for them……


You forgot the boobs. I thought that was the most memorable part of the evening.

Day 4-5

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Day 4-5
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